An Overview of Types of Ovarian Pain and Treatment Options


Ovaries are present on both sides of the pelvis, which release eggs and have an extremely important role in the fertilization process. If you are suffering from ovarian pain, it can be for two reasons, menstruation and ovulation! This pain can generally be felt in the pelvis, lower back, and lower abdomen. 

Though the pain is associated with the menstrual cycle, it can also be caused due to certain other reasons that you should not ignore! It can be endometriosis or STI, leading to unbearable ovarian pain. Apart from these, specific health conditions of the digestive and urinary systems can be the underlying cause of ovarian pain. To know the real cause behind this pain, you need to consult with your doctor and undergo the prescribed diagnosis and get a proper treatment to heal the same! Here’s everything you should know about ovarian pain, its causes, and the different treatment options available. 

Common Types and Their Underlying Causes of Ovarian Pain 

While you experience minor to severe pain in your ovaries, you must learn the probable causes behind this. Some causes may stress you out, while others may be light options to handle. 

Check out these causes and types of ovarian pain to learn more about it and take the necessary precaution!

·        Menstrual Cycle: It is quite normal for you to experience pain and discomfort in your ovaries while going through your usual menstrual cycle. Do you feel stabbing pain in the left ovary or the right one as well during your periods? These cramps are normally experienced before or during menstruation and are due to the release of a hormone named prostaglandins. Menstrual pain can be one of the basic causes of ovarian pain. 


·        Ovarian Cysts: Another major cause and type of ovarian pain that you may go through is because of ovarian cysts. This condition can develop at any stage of the menstrual cycle. There are different types of ovarian cysts and most of these are harmless. But real stress starts if this condition develops after menopause, as it has higher risks of turning into ovarian cancer! 


If you are thinking about what size of ovarian cysts are dangerous, then it is probably the large ones. Because quite often the small cysts disappear on their own without causing any higher amount of discomfort or other issues. But the larger ones may demand urgent treatment as they have more chances of bursting! 


·        Mittelschmerz Pain: You may also experience this kind of ovarian pain, which occurs mostly mid-cycle during the ovulation stage. Though you may find this pain quite discomforting, it is normally harmless and poses no severe threat.


·        Endometriosis: In this kind of ovarian pain, the endometrial lining of the uterus can form in other areas of your body’s reproductive system. This condition can lead to severe cramps and irregular bleeding, while you may suffer intense pain for a definite period or during intercourse. In the worse case, it can even become the prime cause of infertility. 


·        Ectopic Pregnancy: In this kind, the pregnancy usually develops outside the uterus, basically in the fallopian tubes. Even though the pain may not seem severe in this case, urgent treatment is the major requirement! The ovary pain location can normally differ for different cases, and in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, you may feel pain in the lower back, abnormal vaginal bleeding, weakness, and mild cramps in the pelvis. 


·        PID: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID has a chance of harming more than one reproductive organ and is an infection that is transmitted sexually. This infection may also be a major cause of ovarian pain. Apart from that, someone with PID may also reflect the symptoms like fever, painful urination, or abnormal discharges!

Rare Types of Ovarian Pain 

Apart from the normal causes, there are varied types of rare causes causing ovarian pain. These conditions are pretty serious and it is better not to ignore the symptoms and seek treatment right away! 

·       Ovarian cancer: Though this is a rare case and normally occurs after menopause, it does not have any strong symptoms to identify in the first go! The symptoms can be quite mild like bloating, and frequent urination. If you are constantly experiencing ovary pain on the right side or even on the left, get it immediately tested with the consultation of your doctor.

·       Ovarian Torsion: This condition is pretty rare as well where a fallopian tube gets twisted, hence interrupting the blood supply. Due to the cut in the supply of blood, one may experience immediate and unbearable pain in the ovaries. Slight cramps, nausea, or vomiting may accompany the pain.

Treatment Options to Cure Ovarian Pain

While this pain may be caused by several reasons, the treatment options to cure ovarian pain varies as well. After you are diagnosed and the clear reason and type of ovarian pain are identified, your doctor will suggest the treatment options suitable for your condition.

These can be the likely treatment options for your ovarian pain:

·       Lifestyle Therapies: If the pain in your ovaries is linked to the menstrual cycle, then the medical expert will advise you to make certain changes in your lifestyle and daily habits. Regular and simple exercises, a proper sleep schedule, using heat pads, and certain relaxation techniques will be suggested to soothe your pain.

·       Medications: Apart from these simple therapies, you may be prescribed certain medications to cure the pain and underlying conditions.

·       Surgery: If your condition requires immediate treatment and removal of cysts or torsion, doctors will be advise for an immediate surgery. Also, to treat ovarian cancer, surgery is an important part.



If you are suffering from left ovary pain before period or even after your periods, you might be worried about other major issues like ovarian cancer! Leave behind your worries and seek medical help if you are experiencing constant pain, which gets severe at times. However, most of the issues have similar symptoms, that can lead to confusion. Only under a proper diagnosis, you can be assured whether you are suffering from ovarian pain or appendix, or something completely different! It’s best to consult with your doctor and undergo a proper diagnosis to get a clear idea about the real reason behind your ovarian pain.

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