Common Difficulties during Breastfeeding and Their Ailments

Motherhood is the most beautiful journey of women and breastfeeding is the blissful journey that women experiences after giving birth to baby. Many times breastfeeding becomes stressful experience for women and lactation failure occurs.

Here in this article I would discuss some common issues which is faced by women during breastfeeding and solution to treat them timely so that this blissful phase of women’s life from motherhood to breastfeeding phase becomes a pleasurable moment for her.


1. Latch Problems - Can Lead to Cracking, Brusing and Even Bleeding.

How to Fix a Poor Latch

Get into right breastfeeding position then compress your areola between your fingers. Tickle baby’s cheek to stimulate rooting reflex which get baby to open wide mouth then bring your baby right upto the breast. When baby latches on her mouth should cover the nipple and areola and your infants chin ad nose should touch your breast with lips flaying outward.


2. Breast Engorgement

Breast ban become hard, heavy, tight and lumpy accompied with severe pain. It can be difficult for your baby to latch on engorged breast as nipples tend to get flat.

  •          Regular breastfeeding
  •         Apply warm and cold compression


3. Mastitis

Mastitis is the condition of inflammation of the breast caused by blocked milk ducts which can lead to infection, there can be pain, fever, redness and swelling in the breast.

  •          Cold compression
  •          Antibiotics
  •          Frequent breastfeeding


4. Teething

What is teething? Teething is the pressure your baby feels from her first baby teeth poking through. Symptoms can start as early as 3 to 4 months of age. That discomfort is often released by biting and chewing including mom’s nipple.

  • Offer teething toy
  • Wash clothes
  • Break the suction of breastfeeding slowly on nipples