Irregular Periods - Symptoms Cause and Treatment Options

Women often experience irregular periods as a result of their hormones. Does this issue affect you as well? Do not worry about it because it is treatable, and you can also identify the causes to take necessary precautions! 


There can be several reasons for irregular periods, like hormonal imbalances, stress, birth control, etc. You cannot control your periods, but tracking their pattern is a minor deal! If you want to find out more about the probable causes of irregular menstruation and solution or available treatment options for the same, make sure to read this blog! 


What Exactly Are Irregular Periods? 

You can generally get your period once within 28 days; this cycle repeats itself. Some women may experience it similarly, while some may get their periods in less predictable cycles! 


This irregularity in the period cycle can be due to many reasons. You can identify whether you are going through something similar with the help of certain basic symptoms. 




·        Changes in the number of days between your periods. 

·        The blood flow during periods is less or more than you normally experience. 

·        Variation in the duration of periods. 


If you are witnessing these changes, there is a high chance of irregular periods! Well, this condition is treatable, and you can take proper measures after learning its exact causes.


Prominent Causes Behind an Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Are you curious about what causes the menstrual cycle to change dates every month

This condition may have some underlying causes, most of which can be treated. It is also possible to work to ensure that your periods are regular. 


The major and most common cause is hormone changes, which is why many girls hitting puberty or women approaching menopause to go through irregular periods the most! Besides this, the other major causes behind irregular menstrual cycle are - 


·        Birth Control Pills: Have you recently changed your regular birth control pills? Because this can be a strong cause of irregularity in your periods. As the pills vary in estrogen or progesterone levels, switching from regular pills may directly influence your period cycle! 


·        IUD: If you are using an IUD, it can be another major reason behind irregular menstrual cycles. It is even known to cause cramps, which can be relieved with pain relievers or heating pads. 


·        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Are you often missing your periods and noticing other changes like excessive hair fall? Well, this can be the impact of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In this hormonal disorder, your body has higher amounts of male hormones, leading to growth in facial hair, thinning hair, and others. 


·        Excessive Exercise: Excessive exercise may sometimes lead to missed periods or other irregularities. And in the worst scenario, your periods may completely halt! So, you should consult an expert or a trainer before taking up extreme physical exercises. 


·        Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: During pregnancy, your periods will stop altogether for that definite duration! Besides that, breastfeeding can affect your period cycle too, and all these are due to the interference of the hormones! 


·        Thyroid Disease: If you suffer from thyroid disease, your body will get either too little or excess essential hormones. However, if your periods come with heavy bleeding and last longer than usual, this can signify hypothyroidism! In the opposite case, periods last for short, which is hyperthyroidism. 


·        Stress: In the hectic lifestyle of today's times, stress is something you can hardly avert! Taking stress over every aspect around you creates constraints for that part of the brain responsible for maintaining a balance between the hormone levels! 


All these are some of the major reasons behind missed periods and other irregularities. You may also notice adverse effects of irregular periods on the body, like fatigue, bone health issues, or even infertility! 


Available Treatment Options for Irregular Menstrual Cycle 


Pregnancy can be a likely cause of missed periods. Testing it will help you eliminate the notion, and you can follow your doctor's instructions. 


Nonetheless, suppose this isn't the case. In that case, there are treatment options available that you can undergo with the help of a doctor after you have been diagnosed and the underlying cause has been identified. Besides that, you can also seek treatment for irregular periods if you are unmarried. 


The treatment of this condition will depend on certain factors, like: 


·        Overall health condition

·        Reproductive history 

·        Reasons behind the abnormalities

·        Treating underlying medical conditions like thyroid dysfunction. 




After diagnosing properly and learning the root cause of an irregular menstrual cycle, your doctor may advise you to take certain medications. If medications fail to cure the issue, the next step will be to go for other medical procedures, which can be: 



·        Dilation and curettage: Under this procedure, the doctor will dilate the cervix and scrape the tissue present in the lining of your uterus. It helps in reducing excessive menstrual bleeding!


·        Endometrial ablation: If none of the medications are effective enough to stop heavy bleeding during periods, you will be suggested to go through this procedure. Here, the lining of your uterus will be destroyed, leading to almost no menstrual flow! 


·        Hysterectomy: This procedure is commonly adopted if there are tumors or fibroids. Your uterus will be completely removed, leaving you to premature menopause! 


Simple Home Remedies to Treat Irregular Periods


Apart from having medicines, you can follow up certain simple steps at home to treat menstrual abnormalities to a considerable extent! 


·        Healthy Eating Habits: This can be a great option to add in irregular periods treatment. Add iron-rich food to your everyday diet along with fresh vegetables and fruits, which are sources of essential nutrients. 


·        Regular Exercise: Though you need to follow extreme physical activities under proper supervision, doing simple exercises daily will prove beneficial! 


·        Yoga: This is the best solution to beat stress! Try out the poses that are beginner-friendly and helpful in blowing out all your stress. 




In the end, we recommend you seek medical attention if your period is irregular. An irregular cycle can be extremely annoying and signify a larger issue. A correct diagnosis and cure will prevent the adverse effects of menstrual abnormalities on your health! Getting in touch with a doctor at the right time is the best way to understand what's happening. The right care can make a big difference in how heavy your period is, how bad the cramps are, and more—so don't let irregular periods get in your way. 


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